Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lots of New News!

Wow, so a lot has changed since I last updated this thing! So for a quick re-cap... in October 2009, we moved from CA to UT and stayed with my grandparents in Springville. Micah was fortunate enough to get a new job at Overstock.com as an Affiliate Manager in January. In March, we made the huge and exciting decision to buy our first home - a condo in Eagle Mountain, UT (which is just west of Lehi, UT). In April, our prayers were finally answered in that we found out we were expecting our first baby! On May 1st we moved into our new home, which was so fun! In July, we found out that we are having a baby girl, which I am so thrilled about b/c that is what I was SO hoping for! So now, I believe this basically catches us up - whew!! :) We are now enjoying life and preparing for our little one - 3 months and counting! I have been so lucky b/c I haven't been sick at all during the pregnancy! It has truly been so enjoyable and I have loved every minute of it!

So here are a few pics from the last few months...

Moving Day! May 1st, 2010. Our first home! - sigh...

Painting our bedroom wall (chocolate brown). My macho man! :)

Showing off the key to our new home, although you can hardly see it.

I took FOUR pregnancy tests to make absolutely sure that we were pregnant! I STILL can't believe it! We are so excited!

Showing off my new little baby bump.

July 27th - the day we found out that we're having a GIRL!! Woohoo!!! :)

Latest baby bump pic (taken Sept. 5th) - 26 weeks! 14-ish more weeks to go!! Due date = December 11th!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am so embarrassed as to how long it has been since I have updated this blog but I have my reasons! However, I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season! I hope you are all well and enjoying the craziness of getting ready for Christmas - which is right around the corner, I might add! Holy Moly! I promise that I will try to post some new pictures and info as a lot has changed for us since I last updated... we now live in UTAH!! I still can't believe it! Don't give up on me... Jill!!:) Merry Christmas!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthdays and Anniversaries!!

This summer is just flying by! I can't believe it's already the end of July! Well, as a quick update... I started back to school full-time at a local community college in June. I have decided to get a degree in Graphic Design in addition to my BA in Liberal Arts. I am still working but only one day a week - Saturdays (Argh!). Unfortunately, times have been a little tougher for us recently due to Micah getting laid off in April. He has been diligently seeking new employment but with no luck. Apparently, everyone else in the state of CA is looking for jobs too! Go figure.

On a happier note... we were able to visit the happiest place on Earth for my birthday in June! You get in free on your birthday this year so, being the Disney fanatic that I am, I couldn't turn that down! My brother Jace and his wife Jill, my brother Jantz, my cousin Kiley, and our good friends Trish and Clark met us there for two fun-filled days! Take a look...

The Clan - yes, we like to wear matching shirts. Kiley and Jantz made them for us, they were awesome! However, I don't know why Trish and Clark aren't in this picture; maybe it's b/c they were the only ones too cool to wear our matching shirts! Hmmm...

Micah either broke or severely sprained his wrist three days before we left for Disneyland! You can see his brace that we got for him. He was quite the trooper the whole trip. (He never did get his wrist looked at! Crazy - I know!)

We ate at my favorite restaurant in all of Disneyland - The Blue Bayou. They gave me a special dessert for my birthday - YUM! Like my fuzzy, pink, Mickey Mouse ears? "The Clan" had them specially made for me for my birthday! I loved them!

Jace and Jill chillin in the main square.

Jantz and Kiley at the shooting range in Frontier land.

Trish and Clark at our hotel ready to go have a blast!

Me posing in front of the Matterhorn in my favorite place in the whole world! Look how few people are out there behind me! The first day we were there was so great b/c there was hardly anyone there! I think we went on every ride in the whole park that day!

Another piece of exciting news is that we recently celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on June 23rd!! I cannot believe that it has already been 5 yrs and we couldn't be happier! I seriously lucked out when I found Micah West! He is so sweet b/c he surprised me with tickets to see "Wicked", at the Orpheum theatre in San Francisco, to celebrate our anniversary!! I have been wanting to see it for sooo long, especially after having seen Phantom at Christmas. We went to our favorite restaurant and then to the musical and had an amazing time!! It was so perfect and I love him more and more every day! I couldn't have asked for a better husband!

Well, the school semester is winding down so we have a couple final trips planned for the summer. We're going to Utah this weekend to visit my family and then heading to Oregon in a couple weeks to see Micah's family. We are really looking forward to spending time with family and friends. I'll try to update this blog as soon as I have some new pictures to share. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are! Until next time!... T.T.F.N.!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Swinging into SPRING!

It will never cease to amaze me how quickly time goes by! I can't believe I haven't touched this since March! And I have no excuse! We are enjoying the beautiful spring weather here in the Bay Area and have recently been able to do a few fun things but first, I previously said that I would post a picture of the new car that we ended up getting after my wonderful car accident... so here it is and we have been very happy with it! It's a black, '99 Honda Accord with gray leather interior and a sun roof - my favorite feature. Micah's favorite feature is the remote start that came with it, he uses it ALL the time! We call it our "Black Beauty."

At the end of April we finally made our first trip to Yosemite National Park! And it was SO AMAZING!! It was unlike any place we have ever been, including the Grand Tetons! We camped in one of their little canvas tent/cabins and went biking and hiking all over the Yosemite Valley for a couple of days. Other than freezing our buns off at night and having to be really careful about keeping all food locked in a BEAR locker, we loved every second of it and can't wait to go back! We seriously encourage anyone who has the chance to go to Yosemite to take advantage of it b/c it is definitely worth it!

Something else fun that we did this past weekend was go to "The Mystery Spot" in Santa Cruz. I don't know if you have ever heard of this place but it's a crazy place in the Santa Cruz mountains where the gravity is all weird and messed up and no one knows why... hence the name. It was a lot of fun to take a tour through an old cabin that was built in the 1920's that is permanently slanted at a crazy angle which makes you look and feel like you're going to fall over but you don't! It's so WEIRD and difficult to explain. Check out the pictures and you'll see what I mean...

Don't mind the "closed" sign behind Micah, we took this pic on our way out.

Here we are in the cabin and I promise I'm not holding on to the rail! I'm seriously leaning over that far and yet not falling over! It was the craziest thing!

OK, his feet seriously are not touching the ground! The pic sort of makes it look that way but he was completely hanging! No Joke!

So I am standing on a table in this "mysterious" cabin... now shouldn't I have fallen on my face?! Well, I didn't! We couldn't figure it out and it's seriously not an optical illusion either! Gravity is completely weird there but it was a fun experience! Once again, you should go if you're ever in the area!

Well, we're enjoying the spring but also looking forward to a busy summer of school and family vacations so I'll really try to keep this blog updated! Happy Spring Everyone!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So, for a quick recap of the past couple months, wow, I can't believe it's been that long already...n e way... January was pretty mellow so nothing new there... February, however, was quite eventful with Valentine's Day and... I GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT AND TOTALED OUR CAR!! OOPS!!... BIG OOPS!! Yep, you heard me, on February 5th I got in my very first car accident ever! and it was so scary - the airbags went off and everything. Unfortunately, it was my fault b/c I pulled out in front of a guy, who in my opinion was speeding, that I totally did NOT see coming - he literally came out of nowhere. He was going so fast that he didn't have time to stop or slow down really! Luckily, I wasn't hurt! I think I got a little bit of whiplash and a couple bruises but other than that I was fine! The most embarrassing part was that it was early in the morning and I was dropping Micah off at the train station (he takes a commuter train to work sometimes) and I was still in my pajamas, no bra!, no makeup, hair in a messy ponytail, you name it! Yeah, embarrassing! Police had to come and then they had to tow my car home b/c it was so damaged! The surprising thing was that I totally held it together... until I got home... and then I completely lost it... and then... I had to call Micah to tell him the great news that I had just completely destroyed our ONLY car!... Of course, he was so sweet and understanding and didn't care about the car - he was just glad that I was OK. I love him so much, I married that most amazing guy in the world!! All in all, I was very lucky and we ended up donating the car to a charity and purchasing a new one, well, new to us. We just bought a used black, Honda Accord that we now love! I'll post some pictures of it soon.

On a lighter note, our Valentine's Day was wonderful! My amazing hubby surprised me by getting the day off of work for me, which is the sweetest thing ever, since I normally have to work every Saturday, bummer - I know! So he gave me a dozen pink roses and told me that we would get to spend the day together! So I made him/us a big V-Day breakfast with heart-shaped pancakes and eggs and gave him a giant heart-shaped cookie and home-made card that I had made the previous day. He then surprised me with us going to get professional massages! which were so wonderful, especially after being in that dumb car accident!! Afterward, we went to lunch and did some shopping and then that night he took me to my favorite restaurant in the whole world that has the most killer bread pudding for dessert! We ate ourselves sick!! It was so great! After that, he was planning on taking me dancing but we were both so full that we literally couldn't move, let alone dance! So we rented some movies and went home and cuddled on the couch. It was seriously, the best Valentine's Day I've ever had! I felt very loved and special, what more could a girl ask for?!! Sorry girls, I married the most amazing man ever!! I feel so lucky!!

Well, I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! I'll try my best to update this thing more often. I just don't feel like I have a very exciting life or cute kids to blog about like most of you do, but I'll still do my best! Until next time!... TTFN!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Wow! I can't believe that it is already 2009!! Crazy! Time really flies when you're having fun, I guess! Well, we wanted to wish you all a very happy new year and hope that your holidays were special. Can't believe they've already come and gone too! We spent Christmas and New Year's with my family in Springville, UT at my grandparent's house and it was wonderful! So, for a quick re-cap... my amazing hubby surprised me with my Christmas present by taking me to see "THE Phantom of the Opera" in San Francisco and it was incredible! There aren't even words to describe it!! I have ALWAYS wanted to see it, so needless to say, I was in awe the whole time! In turn, I gave Micah golfing lessons for his Christmas gift since he has always wanted to really learn how to play, so he was excited about that, I hope.

We finally got the chance to meet my new little nephew, Ethan Tyler Johnson, my brother Jace's new baby boy. He is so dang cute! We absolutely ate him up!! Particularly my mom! Poor Jace and Jill, they hardly saw him the whole time we were there since we all took turns holding him and taking care of him. It was so much fun! Talk about being baby hungry! They are a darling little family! Thanks Jill for being so generous with your little angel, you were so great!!

So, this silly picture of my husband and three brothers in matching pajamas is to give you a small idea of how quarky my family is at Christmas! I love it! In our family we have a Christmas Eve tradition of opening one gift and it is always new pajamas and this year my mom gave all the boys identical "Grinch" pajamas! It was hilarious! I'm sure they weren't too thrilled with the idea, especially my husband, but they're good sports and went along with it anyway. Don't they look so intimidating?!! We had a lot of fun, what can I say!?! We also played tons of games (we love pictionary), watched lots of movies, ate way too much, went snowboarding, ate some more, and lovingly passed around the flu! With 16 people staying in one house, it was bound to happen!

After New Year's Micah and I accompanied my family in taking Jantz up to his first semester of college at BYU-Idaho. It was so fun to go back and visit good old Rexburg! We couldn't believe all the changes! Best of all I was able to get together with my old girlfriends from high school - Skye, Kim, and Rainey! It was so much fun and so nice to catch up! It helped me to realize how precious friendships really are. Thanks for such a great time girls!

Well, we're now looking ahead to 2009 with high hopes and great determination to make it better than 2008! Lets resolve to continue to keep in touch! Happy 2009!

Sunday, December 14, 2008